When to Add Providers

When is a good time to start adding providers to your dental practice? Trying to time when to add a hygienist or an associate doctor can be overwhelming–hoping you have enough patients but not waiting until it’s too late. 

This is one of the biggest questions the team at Edwards & Associates are asked by their clients, and one they’re answering in today’s podcast.

As companies are looking ahead to a post-pandemic world, they’re trying to figure out the best time to bring new providers on board. But there are many questions to answer when hiring a hygienist, an associate doctor, or any other staff. 

In this episode, Edwards & Associates discusses: How to know when it’s time to bring in an associate or hygienist. With hygienists in short supply, is there a day of the week that’s better if you can only hire one part-time? How much can you expect a hygienist to help you produce? Should you hire your new team member as an employee or contractor? And, what happens if your staff requires a Visa? 

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