Financial Planning for Dentists

As a dentist, you need to protect your financial assets and increase returns. At Edwards & Associates PC, our personal financial planning sessions are comprehensive 1-on-1 sessions with Robert Edwards (Founder) explicitly tailored to your needs.

Our #1 service that sets us apart from other CPA tax services!

Portfolio Management

Planning for financial prosperity is not just about the short-term strategy, it’s also about understanding how your money can work for you in the long term. Our firm has one goal for portfolio management, and that’s to select the right investments to ensure minimum risk and maximum returns for our clients. We manage investments in the form of bonds, shares, cash, mutual funds, and more. Our team provides expert guidance and protects your investments.

Monitoring of Existing Investments

Are you looking for a dental CPA to monitor your existing investments? Maybe just give you a better idea of your existing portfolio and what you can do to improve it?

We are happy to take over the reins and help you further excel in your journey to financial prosperity. Book a consultation!

Investment Risk Evaluations

Think you might have found the next big stock to invest in? Or did your friend tell you about the next Bitcoin? Let us evaluate the risk of any investments before you decide to allocate your hard-earned capital. Our team continuously researches what’s happening within the investment community. Let us understand the risks and help you make the best investments.

Risk Management & Asset Diversification

Ever heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, that’s precisely what we help with. Diversification is a vital part of risk management, with the primary goal being to enhance and preserve your financial portfolio’s value. Our team of financial planning specialists is highly skilled at understanding how to manage financial risk and protect your assets when it matters most.

From the financial crisis of 2008 to the pandemic of 2020, we understand how to invest, manage and protect our clients’ wealth during economic down-turn. Call us today to discuss your financial risk factors with our team of specialists.

Retirement Plans

Retirement planning is one of the most critical parts of financial planning. As modern medicine has increased the average life expectancy of Americans, there is a greater need for strategic retirement planning to ensure long-term financial security. By prioritizing your retirement plans, you guarantee an additional source of income and help your future self to deal with medical emergencies, fulfill life aspirations, and be financially independent.

The earlier you start structuring your retirement plan, the more you will benefit from it in the long run. Don’t wait! Contact us today to discuss which retirement plans are best suited for you and your family. We set up scenarios based on the information you give us to determine the best way to reach your retirement goals.

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