Dental Practice Consulting

Management and Financial consulting for dentists is our specialty! Founded in 1987, Edwards & Associates PC has built up a team of renowned problem solvers who understand the business of dentistry in every aspect. Whether you are a new start-up or seeking advice on operations and profit planning, we’ve got you covered!

Dental Practice Consultant

With over 30 years of experience as a dental CPA firm in Dallas-Fort Worth, we have seen it all. From the financial crisis of 2008 to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Our firm’s business is the business of dentistry, and we provide consulting for any type of dental practice!

Topics we address with our clients:

  • Coaching Your Team
  • Building Patient Relationships
  • Identifying Behavioral Styles
  • Team Building
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Implementing Incentive Programs
  • Patient Loyalty
  • Team Accountability
  • Office Management
  • Patient Interaction
  • Staff Training
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Finances and Billing
  • Maintaining an Effective Hygiene Program

Fee Analysis

Understanding the economics of your dental practice is very important. As a dental CPA firm, the most common questions we get from dentists involve the fees they charge and how much they should be charging to remain profitable in the long term.

Examples of what we consult our clients on during a fee analysis:

  • When to raise dental service fees
  • When to lower dental service fees
  • When to hire additional staff
  • How much you can/should pay your staff
  • What you should be spending on dental equipment
  • What your dental marketing budget should be

Reduce Interest Rates on Loans

Do you need help deciding what the best financing options are for you? Are you overwhelmed trying to find interest rates that suit your financial goals? These days there are more funding options than ever before. But, with the number of financing opportunities the average dentist is presented with regularly, it can be challenging to find an option that works best for you and your practice.

At Edwards & Associates PC, our team of specialists is highly trained at finding the best interest rates for our clients. In most cases, we lower payments by 50%! Whether it be for personal or business reasons. We have the technical understanding to find the best option for you.

Entity Formation

Before starting a dental business, there are a few things that need to be done to maximize your chances of financial and operational success. Making sure you create your entity the right way is one of the first steps to starting a dental business.

We are here to help you every step of the way. From reserving your company name to applying for business licenses and other permits specific to the dental industry. We’ve assisted thousands of dental professionals in completing the entity formation process flawlessly, and we can do the same for you!

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