The KPIs Every Dental Practice Owner Should Measure Part 2

Is every patient a good patient?

Welcome to another episode of Beyond Bitewings, where we welcome Rick Willeford, a dental CPA with 40 years of experience and the founding president of ADCPA, for a second part of our conversation. In this episode, Rick continues his conversation about KPIs for practice owners and gets more in-depth about what metrics you should look at and why only some patients are great.

Rick also talks about the desire to stop working with PPOs and the fear and belief that it’s impossible. He also discusses the importance of accurate statistical calculations, the benefits of leaving dental plans, and the potential impact on patient retention. Plus, he and Ash talk about the human factor of your numbers and why personality and interpersonal skills are crucial even in a business like dentistry. 

This is part 2 of our 2-part conversation with Rick, as he gave so much fantastic information in this interview.

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