Tips to Reduce Patient Contact During Checkout – Tuesday, May 5, 2020 2:28PM

The following was provided to us via our friends at MiCamp Solutions in response to the many requests they have received from practice owners and managers to help provide strategies to reduce contact between patients and staff during the checkout/payment process.  There is an understandable desire at this time to implement new processes to reduce customer contact, eliminate waiting room traffic and expedite the overall process.  Whether you are a MiCamp client or not, these are good strategies.  [Please note this post is not intended to be a sales pitch platform.  But when we have relationships with good companies our clients typically want to know about them.  So  if your current provider doesn’t offer these options, consider MiCamp a professional and reputable referral.  Additionally their rates are unbeatable and they would be happy to give you a comparison to see if they can save you some money in addition to improving your processes.]