Texas Practices Looking Toward Reopening – Thursday, April 16, 2020 3:05PM

The recent TDA post
highlights when your practice can reopen to non-emergency appointments. 
And the date is approaching!  Currently Governor Abbott has a ban in place
on non-emergency care through April 21, 2020 plus a shelter-at-home order in
effect through April 30, 2020.  If he does not extend that, and you
are in a county that does not have a later shelter-in-place order in effect,
you could reopen as early as May 1st

Here are the current
shelter-in-place expiration dates for some of the most populated Texas
counties, all currently set at 4/30 or earlier.  If those orders aren’t
extended beyond 4/30 then May 1st becomes a real possibility for

Dallas – April 30th

Denton – April 30th

Tarrant – April 30th

Harris – April 30th

Travis – May 8th

Williamson – April 30th

Texas is blessed to be less
affected than other states so far, and we pray that continues, and people stay
healthy.  But Texas has a great spirit of industriousness and a robust
economy.  Our workers are well…ready to get back to work.  We’ll be
glad when it’s safe to do so.