Stimulus Payment Status – Wednesday, April 15, 2020 12:45PM

The IRS has launched a website to check status of the stimulus checks.  We recommend sharing this with your employees.  The rebates are said to be based on 2019 personal returns, if already filed.  However, the IRS is woefully behind processing those returns so there is a good chance it will be based on the 2018 return.  No surprise though–the website is already overwhelmed.  Consider trying in the wee hours of the night.

Remember, you personally may or may not qualify.  Here is a reminder of the rules.

The rebate payments will be based on the 2018 personal return, or 2019 if already filed.  The rebate amount begins to be reduced for single filers with adjusted gross income (AGI)  over $75K and is completely eliminated at AGI over $99K.  The phase-out for joint filers begins at AGI of $150K and is eliminated at AGI over $198K.

Amount to expect

  • Single filers:  $1200
  • Joint filers:  $2400
  • Qualifying children:  $500 each