PPE Costs Survey for Dental Practices

05/13/2020 5:06PM

It is important for as many practices as possible to participate in this PPE Costs Survey to ensure valid results.  If you haven’t participated, please take a couple of minutes now to do so.  We would also welcome you forwarding it to your colleagues for their input as well.

Your Reality Can Help Many Other Dentists

There is a lot of misinformation about the true costs of buying PPE for dental practices.  One of our ADCPA colleagues is hosting a survey for dentists across the country in an effort to gather information related to PPE and its costs and effects on practices as a result of COVID-19 changes. 

With your insights, we can let the dental profession know what is really happening.

Many of you have started reopening or have plans to reopen soon. We know one of your biggest concerns—and, for many, a hindrance to opening—is having access to the PPE you need to meet the new safety standards.

Your participation is invaluable in helping provide accurate results for you and your colleagues.

All results will be shared with the dental profession online and to anyone entering their email address in the survey.

Click HERE to participate in the 5 minute survey.