Recouping the Costs of PPE Supplies

05/20/2020 11:08AM

COVID-19 has caused an increased requirement for PPE and screening patients to protect yourself, your staff and your patients.  And these additional supplies and staffing time are not without cost.  As you dive back into practicing, you are asking, “What are the possibilities of recouping the costs of PPE supplies?”  Can you charge it out to the insurance companies?  How do you code it?

Some insurers are allowing these billings, and reimbursement rates vary by state and type of plan.  Consult your insurance plan contract or contact the insurer directly before implementing, as some do not allow you to bill these separately.  The coding for PPE reimbursement is D1999.  For patient screening use code D0190.  According to PPO Advisors, the average reimbursement for PPE is $7-10, and for screening $10-15.  So, recouping the costs of PPE supplies looks promising!

Click to read the complete informational flyer from PPO Advisors.