PPP LOAN Refresher – Thursday, April 16, 2020 10:19AM

The hope of the PPP funds is that all of it will be forgiven.  But the reality is, 100% forgiveness may be hard to achieve.  First off, if you receive an EIDL advance, that part will have to be repaid through the PPP loan—$10K maximum.  Additionally, there may be a portion of the remaining PPP funds that cannot be forgiven for a multitude of reasons—you aren’t able to hire all your employees back by 6/30; or you don’t spend the required 75% on payroll items; or you spend some of the PPP LOAN Refresher proceeds for other than payroll, rent, utilities or mortgage interest; etc.  At any rate, there could be some of the PPP that remains a loan.  And really that’s ok because the terms are so good.  It will be a 2 year loan with 1% fixed annual interest.  Payments are deferred for the first 6 months and the balance repaid over the remaining 18 months.  There is no prepayment penalty.  Once the practice is back up and profitable you can return the balance whenever you like before the end of the 2 year period.