PPP 7(a) Rollout Begins – Friday, April 3, 2020 11:30AM

Some banks have opened their PPP programs though several will not open until Monday or at some unknown point next week.  REMEMBER:  Start with your  bank—where you currently have a relationship for checking or lending.  Many banks are not accepting applications from outside customers or are not prioritizing them highly.  If your bank is not yet accepting applications, don’t panic.  Although funds are expected to go quickly, we are not concerned you would be in real jeopardy of missing out at this point.  So stay calm.

DO NOT GO to your local branch.  The banks are handling this all online or by phone.  The banks are under tremendous pressure to get these underway so let’s give them every consideration by following their preferred process and treating them kindly.  Remember your southern manners…you catch more flies with honey.