Managing Your Hygiene Department

In a dental practice, the hygiene department is one of the most important teams in your practice, and managing your hygiene department is a must have skill for any dentist.

Karen Davis, owner of Cutting Edge Concepts, joins the Edwards and Associations team in this episode of Beyond Bitewings to discuss what dentists should know about hiring, managing, leading, and utilizing their dental hygienists.

In this episode, they discuss why the dental hygienist team is often underutilized, and why dental practices are often missing the mark on one of the largest problems regarding our health, periodontal disease. Teams must understand the dental practice’s approach to the diagnosis of periodontal disease treatment. Plus they all need to be on the same page when working with patients.

Other topics that are discussed are when to know the right time to bring in a hygienist and a hygiene coordinator, and where are some of the best places to find the right talent. They also discuss why leadership is one of the most important skills for the dentist in a dental practice, yet it’s something many aren’t working hard to build.

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