How To Create Competitive Benefits Packages For Your Employees

Have you lost employees because another practice offered better benefits packages? 

If you wonder how you can create a more competitive package for your employees but feel it’s too expensive or your office isn’t large enough, we may have a solution.

Today, Ash is joined by Michael Battaglia. Michael is the owner of Insure You Too, a company that helps small businesses create benefits packages for their employees, and he works with companies as small as four employees. 

Michael and Ash discuss why a one-size-fits-all package is not what you want to create for your employees and why it’s essential to understand what they need before offering anything. They also talk about the options you should consider before putting together options.

Michael offers valuable insights into the strategic aspects of benefits administration and emphasizes the significance of understanding the human impact behind the numbers. 

If you’re interested in potentially offering benefits, you can connect with Michael at

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