The Biggest Challenges of Dental Offices – Part 1

Dentistry can be rewarding, but just like with any other business, it comes with some obstacles. So how do you overcome some of the biggest challenges?

This episode is part 1 of a 3-part discussion covering some of dentists’ biggest challenges. Ash is joined by Erin Gregor, and they talk about the importance of standing out by creating meaningful experiences in the workplace. Emphasizing personalized interactions and the idea that employees should feel integral to a larger mission, extending beyond mere job duties. They also talk about impactful strategies such as the use of incentives and bonuses to encourage staff, the role of personalized client interactions, and the increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry, including potential expansions into Botox treatments.

They also discuss creative hiring practices, such as targeting flexible-working mothers, utilizing job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, and leveraging non-traditional recruitment avenues, including closed Facebook groups and local study clubs. The episode unpacks the pandemic’s effects on the dental world, including the significant hygienist shortages and the rising staffing costs. Ash and Erin also stress the importance of focusing on company culture, offering competitive benefit packages, and staying current with technological advancements. By understanding the evolving landscape, dental practices can better align with customer needs and maintain a competitive edge.

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Key Topics Discussed:

  • Creating meaningful experiences at work
  • Importance of personalized client interactions
  • Incentives and bonuses for staff engagement
  • Growth of cosmetic dentistry and potential for Botox
  • Innovative hiring practices, including flexible work options
  • Impact of the pandemic on dental staffing and rising costs
  • Offering competitive benefits and compensation
  • Focusing on company culture to reduce turnover
  • Emphasizing continuous technology upgrades and staff training
  • Effective customer interaction and retention strategies
  • The necessity of team alignment with business values