Friday, March 20, 2020 9:44AM

Please be aware that although Texas has not yet imposed restrictions on keeping your practice open, many other states have.  Oregon issued an order last night that practices must shut down until 6/15/20 for all elective and non-urgent procedures.  And it’s not for the reason you may think.  Not to prevent the spread of the virus, though that will surely be a good bi-product, but because the state is running desperately low on supplies—masks, etc—needed by those who are directly interacting and treating the COVID-19 patients and who need the most protection.  Those supplies will continue to dry up across the country and eventually you are likely to be affected by a similar order.  6/15/20 is a much further date than we’ve seen so far and so the implications here could be much bigger than at first believed.  Though this is not a forgone conclusion, we want you to be aware so you are not shortsighted in your current decision making.