Dentist’s Financial Roadmap: Building Wealth Beyond the Practice

Have you considered what you’ll really need to create true financial freedom?

In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, Lynne and Ash welcome Eric Miller, co-owner of a national financial planning company dedicated to serving the needs of healthcare owners. They discuss why it’s so important for dental practice owners to think beyond just the month-to-month expenses and plan for their future.

Eric shares insights on managing finances for medical professionals and the importance of integrating the cash flow of a dental practice with personal finances. Plus, they talk about the roles dental practice owners should play as practitioners and investors. He emphasizes the need for owners to receive fair compensation from their practices and how they can use their business as a vehicle to create multiple income streams and build the life they desire. He also discusses the various investment opportunities, such as stocks, real estate, and insurance-based products, to help dental professionals secure their financial future.

To find out more and connect with Eric, you can find him at:

Episode Breakdown:

  • Why it’s important to understand your practice to improve personal finances
  • How to find investments that benefit your household’s finance
  • How owner compensation should be linked to practice income but also more
  • Getting out of the race of the practices needs to make more money to survive.
  • Why moving money is the key to retiring wisely
  • Diverse investments create multiple income sources for retirement
  • Financial advisors help people plan for retirement