Dental Team Conflict Resolution

Do you find yourself dealing with dental team conflict resolution and team drama in your dental practice way more than you would like?

Unfortunately, this is a very common theme among dental practices. All too often, owners find themselves spending just as much time, if not more, unwinding the issues of the staff than they do practicing dentistry.

So if you can’t avoid conflicts, what’s the best way to approach conflict resolution? Dr. Sharon Tiger joins Robert and Ash in this episode of Beyond Bitewings to discuss some of the best practices when it comes to helping doctors understand how to approach conflicts before they become a bigger problem. Plus, she talks about ways to help diffuse a situation if it has gotten to the point where it is causing a lot of issues in the office.

They also discuss the best approach to letting someone go, and why it’s important to not give them specific reasons why it’s not working, in addition, they talk about who you should contact before making any moves.

Even though it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to avoid any conflict issues, it’s best to understand what you can do to keep your dental practice running as smoothly as possible. Plus we all know that you should be spending the majority of time doing what you love, practicing dentistry.

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If you have specific questions about dental team conflict resolution for your practice or if you’d like to have another question answered on a future podcast, please reach out to the Edwards & Associates team. Or contact any one of the excellent ADCPA affiliates across the nation.

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