Beyond Bitewings: PPO Reimbursement Rates

Insurance can be a necessary evil in the world of dentistry, and if dentists are doing their own negotiating of reimbursement rates, they could end up overpaying as much as 20 – 25 % for PPO programs.

In this episode of Beyond Bite Wings, the Edwards & Associates team welcomes Shelley DeGroff of PPO Advisors. Shelley, having over a decade of experience in the dental industry, knows the ins and outs of working with insurance companies to get the best rates for dental offices.

They discuss many frequently asked questions such as when is the right time to bring in someone like Shelley to look at PPO contracts. How does a specialist like Shelley help with PPO negotiations? And what kind of savings can they expect? Plus, how has COVID changed the way dentists are looking at both taking on and dropping insurance?

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