How To Avoid PCI Compliance Mistakes

PCI Compliance, as a Dental Practice owner, do you have it? Do you even know why it’s important? Let’s talk about how to avoid PCI compliance mistakes.

PCI Compliance is one of those areas that many practice owners know about, and know that they have to consider it. However, actually making sure their practice is compliant can be a whole different thing.

On today’s episode of Beyond Bitewings, the Edwards and Associates team welcome Danielle McKinley, a Certified HIPAA Advisor with 10+ years of experience in risk management, and Director of Partnerships at PCIHIPAA. 

Danielle brings her wealth of knowledge to discuss PCI Compliance and why one of the biggest mistakes practice owners make is pushing it off to the side. 

She discusses why having someone come in to help with a risk assessment is so important in addition to common myths about PCI Compliance, and why having an association agreement is so important, plus so much more! So listen in so you will know how to avoid PCI compliance mistakes!

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