AGD Continues to Advocate for You

05/22/2020 7:00AM

The AGD continues to advocate for you and sent out an update today, which you can access here.  It contains a couple of points that we definitely want to highlight.

Business Interruption Insurance for Pandemics: 

AGD continues to advocate in Washington, DC.

This week we contacted congressional leaders requesting that future COVID-19 relief legislation include provisions to enhance commercial business interruption insurance policies. We highlighted how proposals such as H.R.6494, the Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Act, could offer businesses the option to address damaging gaps in coverage and bolster our country’s economic resilience during future crises. Read the letter.

We previously reported the unfortunate news that business interruption insurance will most likely not cover your COVID closure losses.  Reminder:  FILE A CLAIM ANYWAY!  It sounds like this legislation would only be a benefit in future pandemics and not a remedy to the current situation.  Nonetheless, there is some comfort in knowing this situation would be less devastating in the future.

Dentists Should Go on Offense

I was struck by an observation that moving forward, “General dentists need to drive the narrative and not play defense.”  This means continuing to emphasize the importance of oral health literacy and the dental home, and the fact that dentists are experts in infection control.  Patients trust their dentists. 

As a practicing dentist and educator, I am confident that my extensive training in infection control and dental procedures allow me to [make] informed decisions regarding treatment procedures and protocols.  That is a base from which all of us can confidently move as the science around COVID-19 transmission evolves.

Well put!