5 Things All Dental Entrepreneurs Should Know


5 Things Dentists Should Know


Finishing Dental School is only the beginning of a dentist’s journey. Not only do they need to understand their trade, but it’s equally as important to understand how to navigate their way through the world of business once they’re ready to start putting all that they’ve learned to work. In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, the Edwards & Associates team is joined by Joe McGregor, Attorney and host of the Jaw Law Podcast. Joe’s focus is to help dentists become more aware of potential business issues and to help them understand how others have been able to deal with them and today he’s talking about 5 things dentists should know.

Today, Joe discusses why these five things are so important to the success of your practice. You’ll learn about the questions you should be asking, when to ask them, and why it’s crucial to put the right advisors in place for your practice.

If you’d like to learn more about Joe and his Firm, and more than 5 things dentists should know, visit http://www.mcgregorfirm.com/ or email him directly at jmcgregor@mcgregorfirm.com And don’t forget to catch his podcast Jaw Law http://jawlawpodcast.com/ 

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