Year-end Prepayments

It is that time of year again and as we rapidly approach the end of 2011, we would like to remind you of the tax benefits of prepaying your
2012 expenses.  Prepaying items like your professional accounting services
can provide you a valuable tax savings strategy.  In most cases, for those
of you in the 35% tax bracket, prepaying your 2012 fees will save you 35% of
that amount in tax. For example, prepaying $5,000 in fees would save you $1750
in tax.  Not only would you get to benefit from the tax savings by
deducting the expenses on your 2011 return, but you can worry less about
invoices from us in 2012.  Please keep in mind that if you were one of the
few that were advised in your tax plan to accelerate income and defer expenses
to next year, you would not want to prepay these or any other items!

If you would like to prepay any or all of your accounting fees for
2012, we can process your prepayments by check or any major credit card and it
has been our pleasure to work with you this year and we look forward to an
ongoing relationship in 2012!
Please get with Shelly Whipple, in our billing department, for any
questions regarding this matter.