A Dentist’s Pursuit of Happiness

When building a practice and a life, it may often feel like times you are alone and the only one going through the issues that arise. However, most of the time you’re going through the exact same things others are going through.

In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, Ash welcomes Dr. An White. Dr. White is a dentist serving the Houston community through her practice, Dental Domain. She graduated dental school approximately three years ago and joins us for a candid conversation about what it’s been like so far building her own practice, in addition to some of the hard times she has faced in building a practice of her own. She also talks about how having immigrant parents taught her to not only work hard, but to find joy in the little things. That joy is what has helped her to understand that you have to learn to love the journey and not just be happy when you reach the destination.

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