Matthew Terry

Data Entry Specialist

Matthew Terry joined Edwards & Associates in 2023, fulfilling a lifelong desire for a career in the financial space. At Edwards & Associates, he enjoys working in the accounting world while expanding his knowledge, particularly in taxes. Matthew’s primary responsibilities include preparing financial information for review and reconciliation. Known for his keen attention to detail and commitment to task completion, Matthew is instrumental in client success.

Before joining Edwards & Associates, Matthew gained experience as a total loss insurance associate and security professional. In his spare time, he enjoys working with his hands, on cars to computers to home improvement projects. Matthew is also a avid bowler and regularly meets with his friends at the lanes to hone his game.

Fun Facts

  • Matthew has a whopping 19 uncles on his mother’s side. And get this—two of them are younger than he is! 
  • Unlike some, Matthew’s the guy who happily reaches for the green foods at the dinner table – his favorite? Green beans!
  • When it’s time to kick back and unwind, you’ll find Matthew watching Lucifer on Netflix or jamming to Linkin Park. 
  • If Matthew’s life were turned into a movie, Jonah Hill would get the leading role because of his versatility. 
  • In school, Matthew thrived in computer maintenance and science classes. Not surprising considering his passion for understanding how things work.