Martin A. Ceniceros 

Staff Accountant

Martin’s passion for math and problem-solving began at an early age so when he was ready to choose a career, accounting was an easy decision. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas, Martin joined Edwards & Associates as Staff Accountant. Since 2022, he has taken on important tasks like data entry, preparing financial statements, and handling tax preparations. Martin is QBO-certified and loves diving into the workings of different businesses. “I enjoy helping our clients get a better idea of how their business is performing and the changes they can make to improve it.”

Originally from Dallas, Martin now resides in Garland. In his free time, Martin likes to spend time with his friends and family – from trying out different restaurants to having cookouts to taking road trips. When he’s not spending time with others, he likes to listen to music and lift weights.

Fun Facts

  • Martin’s favorite number is zero, because sometimes, nothing can mean everything.
  • While most people root for Earth, Martin’s favorite planet is the underdog of the solar system — Pluto.
  • Batman is Martin’s ultimate superhero. No superpowers? No problem. He can do it all with wit, gadgets, and a brooding complexity.
  • At age five, Martin didn’t dream of being a firefighter or an astronaut. He wanted to be a T-Rex. 
  • When it comes to pets, Martin’s a dog person. When it comes to his favorite dog, it’s a hot dog. But what’s his favorite hot dog? Chicago-style? Classic Coney? Dragged through the garden? We guess you’ll just have to ask him!