Madelynn Schober

Since becoming part of the Edwards & Associates team in 2018, Madelynn has taken on various roles within the firm. Serving as Team Leader, Madelynn’s core responsibilities include the preparation of monthly financial and tax returns, ensuring consistent and effective communication with clients, and delivering valuable consulting services. Madelynn has advanced proficiency in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online and enjoys spinning client data into business gold. 

A proud alumna of North Greenville University, Madelynn holds a BS in Accounting with minors in Finance and Economics. Outside of her professional life, Madelynn has a zest for anything with two wheels. She’s always on the move, whether mountain biking, dirt biking, road biking, or road racing. Additionally, she enjoys soccer and running and has a unique hobby of building Lego flowers. Madelynn hails from McKinney, TX, but now calls Dallas home. 

Fun Facts

  • While some may argue about its planetary status, Madelynn’s favorite celestial orb is Pluto. Everyone loves an underdog—er, underplanet!
  • When it comes to desserts, Madelynn doesn’t discriminate. And yes, chocolate is officially her favorite “vegetable”!
  • As an avid fan of NCIS, it’s no shock that Madelynn once dreamed of becoming a police officer. Her love for American history probably adds a little detective flare. 
  • What do Madelynn and Yo-Yo Ma have in common? The cello! Madelynn has been playing since she was 9.
  • Madelynn considers herself a dog person, but her precious Whiskeys opened her heart up to cats.