Kristian Allen

Staff Accountant

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of North Texas, Kristian completed a two-year internship with Edwards & Associates. In 2019, he joined us as a Staff Accountant where he handles everything from personal financial statements to comprehensive tax plans and returns.

Kristian chose this career as a practical fit for his personality and the opportunity to utilize his skills—meticulous attention to detail and a solid analytical brain. He thrives on learning and solving problems independently. However, his focus extends beyond mere numbers; Kristian is committed to helping people better understand their finances too.

Originally from Plano, TX, Kristian now resides in Aubrey with his wife and two children. Kristian has a hidden talent for playing the electric guitar and is a self-proclaimed foodie. An avid strength trainer and fitness enthusiast, he lifts heavy weights to even heavier music.

Fun Facts

  • If Kristian could pick any planet as his favorite, it would be Earth because there’s no place like home… especially when home has Blackberry cobbler and Texas Honey Whiskey ice cream (thanks, Beth Marie’s)!
  • His favorite class in school was Geometry. There’s just something about shapes and angles that “fit” him perfectly!
  • When it comes to pets, Kristian is definitely a dog person. 
  • Given the chance to travel anywhere, Kristian would head straight to Norway to see