Jennifer Johnson

With 22 years of experience at Edwards & Associates, Jennifer is a seasoned Senior Accountant known for her meticulous work and problem-solving skills. Jennifer specializes in preparing and reviewing financial statements, handling business and personal tax returns, and providing exceptional client service.

Before joining Edwards & Associates, Jennifer wore many hats at a general and cosmetic dental practice. She assisted both the dental and hygiene departments, handled front desk responsibilities, and later transitioned into roles involving billing, collections, and insurance. This comprehensive experience equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support our clients’ unique needs.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in accounting and finance from Texas Woman’s University, where she took microbiology and biochemistry for fun (really!) and graduated Cum Laude. Originally from Carrollton, TX, Jennifer now resides in McKinney with her husband, Patrick, and their son. 

Outside of work, Jennifer is an avid sports fan, particularly of men’s professional basketball, football, golf, and soccer, as well as men’s college football and basketball. She’s been a dedicated Dallas Mavericks fan since the early ’80s. Her hobbies also include watching movies, enjoying true-crime documentaries, reading, going on hunting trips, trying new foods and restaurants, and relaxing by water, whether that be a beach or pool.

Fun Facts

  • If accounting didn’t exist, Jennifer would trade her calculator for a scalpel and become a forensic pathologist!
  • Jennifer dreams of visiting Bora Bora, and with her hidden talent for packing, you can bet she would not only remember to pack everything, but she’d probably get it all into a carry-on with room for souvenirs.
  • Jennifer’s favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. Did you know her iconic Lasso of Truth was inspired by creator William Moulton Marston’s work in developing the polygraph test? 
  • Hand Jennifer the mic (just don’t plug it in). Her lip-sync performances are spot-on!
  • Jennifer’s love for math started early, but an Accounting 1 class in college turned into a lifelong passion.