Evan Kroenung

Staff Accountant

In 2023, Evan joined Edwards & Associates as a Staff Accountant, where he specializes in bookkeeping, financial planning, and tax return preparation. Leveraging his expertise in Excel and strong communication skills, he consistently delivers exceptional client service. For Evan, the best part of his job is his exceptional colleagues and the opportunity to truly impact clients. His unwavering passion for helping others is a driving force, and he finds great satisfaction in knowing that his work makes a difference.

Like many college students, Evan wasn’t sure which road to take. However, after his first accounting class, he was pleasantly surprised to find a natural aptitude and interest in accounting principles and practices. Equipped with a BBA in Accounting from the University of North Texas, Evan started his professional journey as a legal assistant, gaining valuable insights into the intersection of law and financial management. Evan is expanding his knowledge with an MS in Taxation and working towards his CPA designation.

Carrollton, TX is more than just a dot on the map; it’s been Evan’s lifelong home. When he’s not poring over spreadsheets, Evan enjoys a good game—from billiards and ping pong to basketball and video games. Over the years, he’s become quite adept at pool, so think twice before challenging him. Evan also has a passion for travel and exploring various styles of rock climbing.

Fun Facts

  • Evan’s go-to snack is a Hostess Sno Ball. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that if you peel back the marshmallow on a Sno Ball, you’ll find a surprise? It’s an upside-down Hostess cupcake!
  • Evan is a first-generation American with five siblings (four brothers and one sister). His mom and grandma immigrated from Vietnam, while his dad came from Japan. 
  • While he can devour an entire tub of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, he balances it out by munching on his favorite veggie – carrots!
  • Rick Riordan might be his favorite author, but “Dune” by Frank Herbert is his favorite book. Sandworms and spice, anyone?
  • As a kid, Evan dreamt of being an astronaut. Now, he just watches his favorite movie, “Interstellar” and appreciates the vastness of space from his couch.