Edward Zhang

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas, Edward kicked off his career as an intern at Edwards & Associates. Since 2021, he has been sharpening his research and prep skills to calculate client taxes faster than you can say “deductions!” Edward’s favorite aspect of his role is the problem-solving component. For him, accounting is like piecing together a puzzle, and he finds great satisfaction in finding the perfect fit for clients.

Edward is a proud Dallas native. When he’s not crunching numbers, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, especially camping. Edward also has a keen interest in cars, racing, and trucking. When he’s not exploring nature or the latest automotive trends, you might find him listening to his favorite music. 

Fun facts

  • Edward’s favorite author is transgressional fiction writer Chuck Palahniuk. Unsurprisingly, his favorite movie is Fight Club.   
  • Edward’s favorite number is 37. Did you know that when you multiply 37 by any multiple of 3 (up to 27), the resulting product’s digits add up to 9? For instance, 37 x 3 = 111 (1+1+1 = 3), 37 x 6 = 222 (2+2+2 = 6), and 37 x 9 = 333 (3+3+3 = 9).
  • Edward enjoys the whimsical adventures and insightful yet humorous commentary on life through the eyes of a boy and his stuffed tiger, Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Despite having a sweet tooth for Butter Pecan ice cream and Tres Leches cake, Edward also loves to reach for Popeye’s favorite vegetable: Spinach.
  • Edward is honored to be the “World’s Best Cat Dad.”