Ash Faizullah

Team Leader

Ash Faizullah serves as Team Leader at Edwards & Associates, overseeing advisory services, tax and financial reporting, and due diligence. With a decade of experience in various accounting positions, Ash has been with Edwards & Associates since 2016. His specialties include financial advisory, start-ups, real estate, and debt leverage. Ash also hosts the firm’s podcast, Beyond Bitewings.

Looking back, Ash realized his career journey began with a game of Monopoly — call it love at first roll. He always enjoyed the financial angle of the game. As he got older, he realized the best way to get a deeper understanding of this world would be via the language of business, accounting. To that end, Ash pursued a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas. Throughout his academic journey, he joined prestigious organizations such as Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, and Beta Gamma Sigma. Ash always knew he would enjoy helping clients realize their financial goals — what he didn’t expect was how much he would appreciate the relationship-building piece. 

Born in Southeast Asia, Ash now resides in Forney, TX, with his loving wife, who is a mental health counselor. Ash enjoys traveling, working on JDM cars, and engaging in DIY projects in his free time. He also serves his community as a North Texas Food Bank volunteer.

Fun Facts

  • If talent shows had a category for transforming mundane paper into miniature masterpieces, Ash would clinch the top prize every time. His origami skills aren’t just impressive — they’re an art form.
  • What’s cooler than being fluent in five languages? Doing it for fun. Ash is a polyglot who collects languages like others collect stamps. 
  • Ash’s favorite podcast is “Beyond Bitewings.” (What did you expect?)
  • While some may gravitate towards fantastical epics when naming their favorite movie, Ash prefers the grounded brilliance of “Cinderella Man.” 
  • If Ash could pack his bags and go anywhere, he’d choose New Zealand. With its stunning landscapes and adventure opportunities, it’s his dream destination.