Armande Patel

Since 2022, Armande has been handling a variety of tasks in his role as a Staff Accountant, including preparing monthly financial statements, managing client data, and organizing business tax returns. Armande’s passion for numbers and desire to help others improve their financial situations led him to this career. He loves his job for the challenging environment, the great team that supports him, and the continuous learning opportunities that help him thrive.

Armande holds a bachelor’s in finance from the University of Texas at Dallas. Originally from Dallas, he now calls Austin home. 

Armande is not just about balance sheets and tax returns. He has a variety of hidden talents, including cooking and navigation. In his free time, Armande enjoys playing soccer, rock climbing, and collecting wine. He’s also committed to giving back to the community and regularly volunteers for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Fun Facts

  • In the past decade, Armande has called ten different houses home. He’s practically a professional mover at this point!
  • Armande’s favorite superhero is Batman, and his favorite cartoon is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Who would win in a showdown between Batman and Aang? One can bend the elements, and the other… bends the rules!
  • Armande’s favorite vegetable is actually a fruit – the bell pepper! Scientifically speaking, bell peppers are fruits because they contain seeds and develop from the flower of the plant.
  • For the movie of his life, Armande would cast Idris Elba to play himself. With such impeccable taste, it’s clear Armande knows how to pick a leading man!
  • Armande enjoys listening to the Ranks FC podcast for its football tactics and analysis.