Stock Market

I am tired of all the people I hear complaining about how bad the stock market is doing. This is the best year I have seen in the market since 1999! Yes, the market was down 35% last year. Our client did a little better, about 30%. But this year, only through August 28th 7 of the 10 mutual funds into which we invest our client’s money are up almost 30%. That would be 45% on an annualized basis, which I am not saying will happen. But a 30%+ return is certainly something to sit up and take notice of. Look at it this way. If you don’t fund your retirement plan because you are afraid the market is going to go down, you are going to lose 28% to 35% on your money to taxes anyway, with no chance of a recovery. At least when you invest in the stock market, there is some chance of recovery down the road.