Robert T. Edwards

Since starting his eponymous firm in 1987, Robert T. Edwards has been helping dental clients achieve their financial goals – from core tax services to highly specialized financial planning to dental practice consulting. A Texas Tech University alumnus with a BBA, Robert initially studied architecture before moving on to accounting, preferring the stability of numbers over the uncertainty of design projects. After college, he cultivated an impressive career, holding positions at KPMG and serving as a CFO for real estate and oil and gas companies. When Robert founded Edwards & Associates, he had two things in mind: 1) to focus on one industry and serve it well and 2) create a place where people love to work. 

For more than 40 years, Robert has been guiding dental practices through their unique operational challenges and helping them succeed. Under Robert’s direction, Edwards & Associates has thrived, honored as “Best Firm to Work For” by Accounting Today and ranking among the top 40 small firms in the nation. Robert is an active member of the Academy of Dental CPAs, Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA), and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). 

Outside the office, Robert is an avid cyclist, culinary enthusiast, and voracious reader with a penchant for red, red wine. His copilots in life are wife, Sharon, and their daughter, Raizelle. Lesser-known facts about Robert include his venture into NASCAR and stint as a radio DJ during high school. Next time you talk to him, be sure to ask about it and any other talents he might be hiding away.

Fun Facts:

  • Robert’s favorite superhero is Lightning Lad, founding member of the Legion of Superheroes and fighting his enemies since 1958.
  • When asked who would play him in a biopic, he answered: “Only Ben Affleck could do justice to my life story.”
  • Robert’s top tome is James Clavell’s 1981 saga, Noble House
  • Cats claim the title of preferred furry companion, paws down.
  • You probably saw this one coming from a mile away: Robert’s favorite subjects in school were geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. 
  • Given a ticket to ride anywhere, Robert would love to visit the next habitable planet.