Lynn Ledbetter, CPA

Lynn Ledbetter, CPA, serves as the Executive Director at Edwards & Associates, bringing more than 25 years of accounting expertise to our firm. As a specialist in tax planning and financial complexities within the dental industry, Lynn has built a reputation for offering proactive solutions tailored to the unique needs of her clients. In her technical role, Lynn expertly crafts tax strategies to minimize liabilities while ensuring compliance, tailors financial services, and navigates intricate tax issues facing dental professionals. Lynn also enjoys educating staff and clients on various aspects of finance and tax – once a teacher, always a teacher! Under her leadership, Edwards & Associates has been repeatedly honored as a “Best Accounting Firm to Work For” and a “Best & Brightest Firm.”

Lynn first envisioned a career of crunching numbers in high school. This interest sparked her first job as a high school math teacher and soon paved the way for a career in accounting. Lynn earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Tarleton State University and a Master of Science in Accounting from Southwest Texas State University. Today, she continues her professional growth as an active member of the Academy of Dental CPAs (ADCPA).  

Lynn enjoys spending time with her husband of 33 years and their multi-talented daughter, who shares her mom’s knack for accounting. Lynn is an active participant in her church’s Bible study groups and is passionate about supporting the spread of the gospel.  She’s also a member of the Ultra Club at Tarleton State University.

Fun Facts:

  • With a minor in piano, Lynn was once an accomplished pianist. She married a music major, and her daughter is a painter and metalsmith – artistic genes definitely run in the family!
  • When it comes to cartoons, she is a big fan of Charlie Brown’s iconic beagle, Snoopy, and the antics of the sprightly Calvin & Hobbes.
  • Lynn’s bookshelf features many works by Jane Austen, but her most cherished read is the Bible—an all-time favorite alongside Tolkien’s epic tales from Middle-earth.
  • Lynn enjoys diving into the complexities of big-business dramas like the “Bad Bets” podcast series.
  • Lynn’s dream trip is a cruise along the New England shoreline in the fall and bask in the vibrant autumn foliage.
  • Lynn has a unique hobby: beekeeping. Did you know bees can recognize human faces?