Meka Edwards

Meet Meka Edwards, our committed and energetic Executive Administrative Assistant.
With more than 20 years of operational experience, Meka is an invaluable part of our
team. She expertly juggles office administration and supports our executive leadership
team, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. In addition to these core
competencies, her specialties include organizational excellence, SOP development, and
project management.

Meka’s professional gifts are best explained by her diverse background. Before joining
our ranks, Meka successfully ran an event planning company and served as a Level III
Administrative Assistant for the U.S. government. She was also recognized for her
unwavering commitment to excellence by KPMG with the Bravo Award.
Outside the office, Meka has a passion for crafting, a talent for painting, and an
insatiable desire to help others. In addition to her involvement with the DFW Alliance of
Black Accountants, Meka is also a licensed minister and enjoys lending her event
planning skills when the opportunity arises. Meka strongly advocates for continuous
learning and personal growth.

Fun Facts:

  • While her best vacation was to Edelweiss, Germany, Meka has her sights set on Switzerland for her next adventure.
  • As a young girl, Meka dreamt of becoming a hairstylist. She received her cosmetology license when she graduated from high school. Creativity has always been part of her DNA!
  • Meka loves reading liner notes and dancing to the smooth sound of a turntable doing its thing.