How To Retain Valuable Employees

How do you find the right people to work for your practice, and most importantly, what can you do to make them stay? How do you retain valuable employees?

It’s two of the most important questions employers are asking themselves in today’s climate, and one that the team at Edwards & Associates is discussing today.

Gone are the days when paying more was the solution to keeping employees. We are experiencing the time of the great resignation, and companies are scrambling trying to find ways to attract talent in addition to keeping their employees happy. Plus as we see a workforce move more to remote work, dental offices must come up with more creative ways to keep staff motivated to come into the office.

What do employees really value, and what have other companies found that have worked? After hearing from some of Edwards & Associates’ clients, we’re getting an inside look into what companies have implemented. Some of the ideas that are discussed are things like offering different incentives like child care credits, surveying your employees to get ideas, initiating ways to foster creativity, plus much more. 

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