Relationship Dentistry

Do you practice relationship dentistry and are your patients excited about visiting your practice? Many dentists have believed the answer to this question will never be ‘yes’ and that people just hate visiting the dentist. However, when Dr. Robin Bethel was building his first practice he was determined to build a practice where he would get an answer of ‘yes’ consistently from this question.

In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, Dr. Bethel joins the Edwards and Associates team to talk about how he focused on relationship building, relationship dentistry, with his patients and how it has paid off dividends for his practice. Plus he discusses why this focus has helped him build three more successful practices in the Austin area.

Dr. Bethel’s practice has hundreds of Google Reviews with a 5-star average, which is almost unheard of in the dental industry.

He discusses how his goal for his practices isn’t about getting the most number of patients in and out, but it’s about creating the best experience for each patient that walks through his door. He also talks about why focusing on the culture of his practice helped him to expand to 4 practices and over 100 employees.

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