Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) Compliance

Everyone’s Doing It

Is your company PCI compliant? PCI was one of the hot 2016 acronyms and it isn’t going away. Not familiar? Its official name is “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.” Rolls right off the tongue, right? You know those fancy new credit cards with the computer chips? Those are the result of PCI compliance.

If you accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment from your patients, and who doesn’t these days, then PCI compliance applies to you. If you’re not PCI compliant, your merchant fees will be higher—an unnecessary added overhead cost (interpret—less money in your pocket). But even scarier, if you’re not PCI compliant and there is fraud or a breach in your patient’s data, you will be responsible…for covering those fraudulent charges, for any associated legal fees, for potential fines for the violation—expensive stuff. Is this a real worry? Will this really ever happen to you? Maybe not. After all you know all your patients, for the most part. You have good relationships with them. They’re not like the random customer at the register in Wal-Mart. But what about that next new patient that walks in the door?

Despite urgings by Visa, MasterCard, etc, despite the fact that companies continue to get hacked, most businesses have still not upgraded to the new technology. The reasons vary but the most common have little to do with cost and everything to do with time. You’re busy! Your current credit card machine is working fine so why go to the trouble of dealing with this now?

But if not now, when? Do yourself a favor and put it on your schedule to get it handled—like for a specific date and time, not just on your elusive To Do list. Or better yet, set someone responsible in your office to handle it and report back to you. This isn’t rocket science and doesn’t require your dental expertise. It just requires someone doing a bit of research and informing you so you can make an educated decision. And if you’re not happy with your current merchant provider or aren’t sure you’re getting the best rate or service—contact us. We know a vendor who will give you an honest rate assessment and help to ensure you are compliant.