In-House Patient Plans




Many dental practices look at credentialing with insurance companies as a way to attract patients, but there are other ways that dental practices can increase and grow their patient base. One of those is through in-house patient plans. On today’s episode of Beyond Bitewings, the team welcomes Katie Franklin, Program Director for Smile Advantage.

Smile Advantage helps dental practices implement and run in-house patient plans, and Katie is discussing why every dental practice should consider adding one as a resource for their patients. Not only are these plans attractive to those who may not have insurance, Katie has also found that even those with insurance many times take advantage of these plans.

Katie and the Edwards & Associates team also discuss what type of typical benefits are offered with in-house patient plans, what goes into implementing them and the costs involved, how to get the whole team on board, and why these plans don’t make sense in some cases.

If you’ve been considering implementing an in-house patient plan for your office and would like to talk to Katie, reach out to her at (314) 885-4640, or email her at Or learn more by visiting:

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