Improve Your Hygiene Department

Is your dental hygiene team working to their full potential?

It’s common to find that dental practice owners haven’t ever seen a dental hygiene department working in tandem and generating their full income potential so these practice owners aren’t even aware of the possibilities.

Most dental practices have room for improvement in the efficiency and mindset of their staff, and that’s where Rachel Wall comes in. Rachel is the founder of Inspired Hygiene, a company committed to helping dentists tap into hygiene’s profit potential through coaching webinars, and mastermind groups.

She joins the team at Edwards & Associates in this episode to discuss where dental practice owners are missing the mark in terms of their hygiene department, and why they may be leaving massive money on the table. 

She also discusses why it’s so important for teams to work together, and where you begin to get a hygiene team to work to its full potential. They also talk about why the majority of hygiene teams are underperforming, and if the 3:1 production standard is still realistic to expect with pay rates increasing.

So if you’re looking to boost your patient care and profits with your current hygiene team, then make sure you listen. 

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