How To Use Personality Assessments When Hiring

Do you know how to use personality assessments when hiring? Most dental practices are experiencing hiring to be very difficult. It can be even more frustrating if you finally think you’ve found that right hire, only to discover they’re a horrible fit in your practice.

As bad as this sounds, it’s an unfortunate reality for more and more practice owners. In these times of finding great help to be more difficult, practice owners find themselves more desperate and they’re making offers solely on how they feel the candidate can perform the job. However, they’re forgetting to make sure the person will also be the perfect fit for their team.

So how do you make sure you have not only a great person for the job but one that will also mesh well with all of your other employees? Conducting an assessment like DiSC can help determine what type of personality you need within the role, and what type of person your prospect is.

DiSC is a personal assessment tool, and Tamra Whitley joins the team at Edwards & Associates again to discuss how she uses the assessment in her practice. She shares her own description of the personality types as lions, otters, golden retrievers, and beavers and what roles she typically sees that they fit. Plus she talks about how implementing the assessment has made a huge difference in her practice.

Also, while many dental practice owners are hiring on the spot, after only one interview, Tamra details her eight-step process before ever bringing anyone on board.

If you have specific questions about how to use personality assessments when hiring, or if you’d like to have another question answered on a future podcast, please reach out to the Edwards & Associates team. Or contact any one of the excellent ADCPA affiliates across the nation.

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