How To Lead A Team

Buying a dental practice does not automatically make you a great leader. Many dental practice owners find themselves in a predicament where not only do they need to learn how to build a practice, but more importantly, they need to learn how to lead a team so their practice will thrive.

In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, the Edwards & Associates team welcomes Dr. Sharon Tiger, a nationally known practice management consultant and business coach to dentists. 

Dr. Tiger discusses what dentists need to learn to become great leaders, important factors to understanding leadership in dentistry, and why you shouldn’t be worried if you’re not a natural-born leader.

She also discusses why creating great job descriptions can help you build a more effective team, how you can create a culture within your dental team, why setting goals is so important to any practice, plus how you can learn to communicate better with your team, simply by practicing and making it a habit. 

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