Healing the Scars of Child Abuse…New Horizons

Millions of children all over our country are traumatically abused by a parent.  At this time of year, many organizations and individuals commit to helping meet the needs of abused and less fortunate children who don’t know what it’s like to have someone who cares enough for them.  This is a beautiful gift that is needed and appreciated.

Edwards & Associates, PC is offering you an opportunity to help.  If you feel as strongly as we do that these children should not have to suffer deep emotional scars or have nothing this holiday season but the clothes on their back, please join with us in supporting the boys and girls at New Horizons to supply their necessities.

For 40 years, New Horizons has been treating children who have been severely abused and for many of these children, this is their first Christmas they’ve ever celebrated.  A sponsor of New Horizons told us the other day, a child showed up with only a blanket wrapped around him.  It was his only possession … and it was given to him by a case manager.  The great news about New Horizons is that if these children are properly cared for, they go on to become well-adjusted, productive adults and your contribution makes this possible.

We hope this issue touches your heart as it does ours and ask you to join with us in supporting New Horizons charity.