Harnessing The Power Of Benchmarks

Our team member, Ash, had the pleasure recently of joining Eric Hubbard on the “Bite Sized Dental Marketing” podcast by Pain-Free Dental Marketing. In this episode, they discuss the delicate balancing act that dentists must perform to keep their practice running smoothly, particularly focusing on staffing, service quality, and budgeting. 

The primary focus is on the challenges that dental practices face in 2023, especially concerning staff and revenue. They discuss the importance of investing in quality employees rather than cutting costs, as better staff leads to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Good employees are pivotal in patient care and should be a priority investment for any dental practice. 

Some of the highlights of the podcast include:

  • Optimizing Team Efficiency: Discover strategies to maintain a well-balanced team without affecting team morale, helping you achieve financial stability.
  • Managing Supplies and Labs: Learn how to handle supply and lab expenses effectively within a flexible framework to boost profitability.
  • Strategic Marketing Insights: Explore the significance of tailored marketing strategies to attract and retain the right patients for your practice’s growth.
  • Hygiene Department Dynamics: The hygiene department is crucial and should contribute to about a third of total practice production. However, hygiene procedures have decreased to about 30% of total practice revenue, attributing it to staff shortages and appointment cancellations.
  • Nurturing a Quality Team: Learn the importance of building a motivated and skilled team, creating a positive work environment for all, and investing in high-quality employees. We discuss the benefits of paying employees well, even above industry standards, could lead to better work quality and potentially lower drama in the office.
  • Embrace Change and Growth. In today’s dynamic environment, benchmarks become your trusted allies for sustainable growth, cost management, and delivering top-notch patient care.

We trust that these insights will help you navigate the complexities of dental practice management. To dive deeper into these topics, watch my full episode of “Bite-Sized Dental Marketing,” available on YouTube and all podcast platforms! If you have any questions, feel free to connect with the Edwards & Associates team.

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