Fresh Out of Dental School

So… you’re fresh out of dental school, now what?

You’ve finally accomplished your goal of graduating from dental school. However, just when you thought you’d reached the end, you find yourself at the beginning and there are a lot of different options ahead of you in terms of starting your career.

Should you jump in and start your own practice? Should you work as an employee for one company for a while and learn the ropes? Or should you work as a contractor for several different companies to learn the techniques from several different dentists?

These are questions going through so many graduates’ minds, and ones the team at Edwards and Associates gets asked frequently.

In this episode, they’re covering the different options that new dental school graduates have, and what is important to understand before striking out on your own or being an associate.

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What kind of agreement should you have in place if you’re going to work for another dentist?
  • What outlets are available to find opportunities?
  • If you’re starting out on your own is a business plan the first thing you’ll need to put together?
  • What skills should you focus on building and learning while you’re working for another dentist?
  • Is buying into a practice a viable option?
  • How can you line up financing if you’re just getting started?
  • Plus so much more that relates to being fresh out of dental school

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