Curve Carries Cloud to Dentistry

Cloud computing- simple idea, huge impact on your business. For those of you who are not familiar with this terminology, cloud or “internet” computing is Web-based software services via the Internet where the data and software are encrypted and then stored on centralized servers managed by the service provider. Think of online banking sites, email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo! and the social networking site Facebook.  These are examples of more trusted and familiar cloud computing services which millions of people already use. Cloud computing users are cost savers because they don’t need to spend loads of money on hardware, new software upgrades or support services; they only pay for as much capacity as needed! And best yet, these services are all accessible from ANY PLACE rather than just your onsite servers, by using only a browser and Internet connection!!

So what does cloud computing mean to you and your dental practice? Maybe you can answer that question after this brief introduction of Curve Dental.  Curve Dental is a dental software company that delivers cloud computing, dental office management solutions via the Internet.  Does accessing patient data more efficiently from anywhere at any time sound interesting? Read further about this leading dental office technology! With Curve, you can schedule, invoice, manage recall, manage insurance, chart, and more without confusing toolbars, but simple to use menus! Remember, it’s all accessed via the Web from any browser! To make things even more cookie cutter, all applications and updates for Curve are online so no need to dish out more cash in order to keep up with the regular improvements! You can also count on off-site back up and high security with Curve Dental Software which is hassle-free on your end! Want more reasons why switching to web-based software is the better deal? Click here.

Price is typically a chief component asked about when a dentist is considering a new or replacement software system to manage their practice, so it’s important to know the WHOLE cost when investing in technical purchases like dental software rather than just the surface price tag.  With typical dental software systems, there are numerous undocumented fees that are required to run the software properly and are ignored in the sale price.  Be aware of these fees because they can increase the total cost of the software by double or more!  You will find that some of these additional costs consist of data conversions, implementation fees, initial training and upgrade fees, new hardware, installation fees from IT staff, data backup fees, IT service costs for system maintenance, lost production associated with on-site training and computer software installation and the list can keep going!  Unfortunately, the published price of the typical dental software systems includes only a fraction of the total cost.  On the contrary, web-based solutions such as Curve Dental Software (“Curve Hero”) essentially include more costs in the price tag.  An example would be, nothing being installed in the dental office and only through a web-hosted central server located in a Hardened Network Operating Center so again, nothing to install and only a web browser needed.  This eliminates hidden costs for installation, configuration, etc.  Remember, everything is done online!!

If this summary attracts your interest in learning more about web-based dental software and how it can have a positive affect on your dental practice, you may find the following white pages enriching!

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