Billing Medical Insurance for Dental Procedures

Have you tried billing medical insurance for dental procedures, but the claim was denied or something else went wrong? Are you thinking about doing more medical billing for dental procedures but aren’t sure what your options are?

As more and more insurance companies recognize the importance of dental procedures to the overall health of patients, billing medical insurance for dental procedures is becoming more common. However, many dental practices attempt to do their own medical billing, but fall short due to incorrect diagnosis coding or because they’re not aware of the vast difference between dental billing and medical billing.

This is why Surety Dental Services started their business because they saw so many dental offices getting medical claims denied and missing out on payouts.

Medical billing is an entirely different skill set. So instead of hiring more staff you can bring in Surety to help you get your claims paid and have your staff focus on what matters most, your patients.

Monica Holder joins the team at Edwards & Associates today to talk more about medical billing, what dentist offices need to know about it, why it shouldn’t be ignored, and why hiring an outside firm to help handle it may be your best option.

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