Introducing a new addition to our team~

Hi everyone, my name is Donna Ashton and I’m a new addition to our client relations department at Edwards & Associates, PC

Here is a little about myself…I grew up in Amarillo, Texas, lived in Austin, Texas for 6 years prior to moving to Dallas, Texas.  I’ve worked in the Dental/Orthodontist industry for over 10 years. (i.e. Assistant, Business Opearions & Marketing.  While in Austin, Texas, I  had the great experience of a lifetime working as a Legislative Aide to many State Representatives, the Parliamantarian and most impressive to me was working with George W. Bush.  That experience will clearly be one of most important to me.  I have an eight year son who is my pride and joy.  I’m a huge fan of college football, UT, the Cowboys, the Mavericks, and the Rangers!  My family is very important to me, so I love spending quality time with them every chance I get.

I am recently taking over the blogspot on our website, so I can’t wait to begin sharing valuable information that you may find very informative and educational!  You will come across a variety of topics on our new and upcoming blog such as investment strategies, practice sales, tax changing laws, deadline notices, financial advice, and so much more; as well as read opinions from our utmost financial planner, CPA and forward thinker, Robert Edwards himself!!  You can follow me weekly and I can assure that you will want to keep reading more!!  ~Donna