Streamline Your Front Office

When running a dental practice it is so important to streamline your front office, and one of the biggest wastes of time can be finding out the details of a patient’s dental plan. 

Figuring out what is covered, how much etc., based on every single employer’s plan can take hours for your staff.

Luckily, there’s a great solution, and Karen Newton of Dental Systems, Inc. is joining the Edwards and Associates team to talk about their product IAPlus.

IAPlus helps dental offices save time by having all of the details of each employers’ plans right at their fingertips. This allows the office to find out what the patients’ responsibilities will be, in addition to all of the nitty-gritty processing guidelines that can sometimes take hours to find.

What’s also great, is they also offer a guarantee on the information they provide, so offices can be sure about what they’re charging and presenting to their patients. And although IAPlus has competitors, Karen explains why cheaper isn’t always better.

To find out more about Dental Systems and IAPlus, visit

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